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Maple Caramel Corn

Price: $4.25


We like to think of our maple caramel popcorn a specialty foods "unsung hero" because sometimes there's a food that has such history and universal appeal that no matter when you serve it (during the BIG GAME, for a movie snack food, for a quick treat when friends stop by, etc.), everyone loves it! And when you're putting together holiday gifts, maple popcorn is a great choice, especially as a stocking stuffer. Kids love maple flavored popcorn!  What could be better than a bag of popcorn flavored with pure maple syrup?  Well, two bags of course!


Some call it maple popcorn. Others call it maple flavored popcorn. We've even heard it referred to as maple syrup popcorn. Regardless of what you call it, the taste is all the same... outstanding! In fact, we'll tell you right off, order several packages. We say this not to make more money (nobody here is getting rich off of maple popcorn), but because it's so good that once a package is opened, it's gone in no time at all. If you can stop at just one handful of "maple sugar popcorn"(there's another one!) then you have a lot more willpower then we do. Two 4 oz. packages fills a medium salad bowl nicely.